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EasyShell This plugin allows to open a shell window or file manager from the popup menu in the navigation tree or editor view. The current directory of the opened shell is the directory which was selected with the popup menu. Additionally it is possible to run selected file in the shell and copy file or directory path. Multiple selections are also supported. Custom commands are configurable in preferences page. Supported platforms:
  • Windows DOS-Shell / Explorer
  • Windows PowerShell / Explorer
  • Windows Cygwin-Bash / Explorer
  • Windows Console / Explorer
  • Windows DOS-Shell / TotalCommander
  • Windows Git (Bash) / Explorer
  • Windows ConEmu / Explorer
  • Linux KDE Konsole / Konqueror
  • Linux KDE Konsole / Dolphin
  • Linux Gnome Terminal / Nautilus
  • Linux CDE Xterm / Dtfile (not tested!)
  • Mac OS X Terminal / Finder (not tested!)
  • Default / Unknown - User defined
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